Poletto Aldo S.r.l. is quality, is innovation, is more than forty years of experience in the European and international chemistry market.

Poletto Aldo S.r.l. is an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified company.

product trade name CE number CAS number
Iron Ammonium EDTA chelated Agrochim Fe Ammonio EDTA 244-302-2 21265-50-9
Iron DTPA chelated 11% Agrochim FE DTPA 11 235-627-0 12389-75-2
Iron EDDHA chelated Agrochim Fe EDDHA Q6
Iron EDDHA chelated Agrochim Fe EDDHA Q7
Magnesium EDTA chelated Mg EDTA chelato 238-372-3 14402-88-1
Manganese EDTA chelated Mn EDTA chelato 239-407-5 15375-84-5
Rame EDTA chelato Cu EDTA chelato 237-864-5 14025-15-1
Zinc EDTA chelated Zn EDTA chelato 237-865-0 14025-21-9
Fertilizer with micro-nutrients Agrochim 20-20-20
Fertilizer with micro-nutrients... Agrochim 8-12-24
Calcium Nitrate 233-332-1 13477-34-4
Magnesium Nitrate 233-826-7 13446-18-9
Manganese Nitrate 233-828-8 10377-66-9
Solid mixture of micronutrients with... Agrochim mix microelementi chelati
Copper Nitrate trihydrate 221-838-5 10031-43-3
Zinc Nitrate 231-943-8 10196-18-6
Fertilizer with micro-nutrients Agrochim 15-0-0
Fertilizer with micro-nutrients Agrochim 14-7-5
Mixture of Calcium Nitrate and... Agrochim Calcio - Magnesio
Fertilizer with micro-nutrients Agrochim 10-5-10
Fertilizer with micro-nutrients Agrochim 5-7-13
Iron EDTA chelated 13% Agrochim Fe EDTA 13 239-802-2 15708-41-5
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