Poletto Aldo S.r.l. is quality, is innovation, is more than forty years of experience in the European and international chemistry market.

Poletto Aldo S.r.l. is an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified company.

product IUPAC name CE number CAS number
Chromium Sulfate Solution Chromium 3+hydroxide sulfate 235-595-8 12336-95-7
Aluminium Monophosphate sol.50% Aluminium dihydrogen triphosphate sol.50% 236-875-2 13530-50-2
Aluminium Nitrate sol.54% Aluminium nitrate sol.54% 236-751-8 7784-27-2
Aluminium Nitrate sol.61% Aluminium Nitrate nonahydrate sol.61% 236-751-8 7784-27-2
Aluminium Nitrate crystals Aluminium Nitrate nonahydrate 236-751-8 13473-90-0
Calcium Nitrate sol.70% Calcium dinitrate tetrahydrate sol.70% 233-332-1 13477-34-4
Cobalt Nitrate sol.70% Cobalt dinitrate esahydrate sol.70% 233-402-1 10026-22-9
Cobalt Nitrate crystals Cobalt dinitrate esahydrate 233-402-1 10026-22-9
Chromium Acetate sol.45% Chromium triacetate hydrate sol.45% 213-909-4 14976-80-8
Chromium Nitrate sol.65% Chromium trinitrate nonahydrate sol.65% 236-921-1 *7789-02-8
Chromium Oxalate sol.45% Chromium (III) Oxalate esahydrate sol.45% 238-718-3 14676-93-8
Iron Nitrate sol.65% Iron trinitrate nonahydrate sol.65% 233-899-5 7782-61-8
Iron Sulphate sol.42% Diiron trisulphate sol.42% 233-072-9
Indium sulphate Diindium trisulphate 236-689-1 13464-82-9
Magnesium Nitrate sol.65% Magnesium dinitrate esahydrate sol.65% 233-826-7 13446-18-9
Manganese Nitrate sol.50% Manganese dinitrate sol.50% 233-828-8 10377-66-9
Nickel Nitrate sol.70% Nichel dinitrate esahydrate sol.70% 236-068-5 13478-00-7
Nickel Nitrate crystals Nickel dinitrate 236-068-5 13478-00-7
Sodium Oxalate Disodium Oxalate 200-550-3 62-76-0
Copper Nitrate sol.55% Copper dinitrate trihydrate sol.55% 221-838-5 10031-43-3
Zinc Acetate Zinc diacetate dihydrate 209-170-2 5970-45-6
Zinc Nitrate sol. Zinc nitrate esahydrate sol. 231-943-8 10196-18-6
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